At the end of 2016 debut exposure new Ford Carnival – – car Sohu ca1810

At the end of 2016 debut exposure new Ford Carnival – Sohu – Sohu [car new car] recently, overseas media exposure of a group of Ford new Carnival spy photos, the new car body size increase, is expected to be equipped with three cylinder 1.0T engine. In addition, the new Carnival will debut at the end of 2016. Appearance, the new carnival was used to adjust the front grille contour, compared to cash models more rise. The headlights and fog area also use the new design. The side of the body and tail of the basic continuation of the current model lines, but the new car uses a horizontal taillights, size compared to cash models also increased. This is not a new Fiesta interior spy, but according to foreign media speculation, the new Fiesta interior will use more soft materials, the latest SYNC 3 multimedia system and safety auxiliary equipment more will appear in the new car. Power, the new Fiesta is expected to be equipped with three cylinder 1.0T EcoBoost engine and 1.5T diesel engine with four cylinders. In addition, the future of the new Carnival will also launch ST models, the new Fiesta ST or equipped with a 1.6T four cylinder engine, its power will reach about 220 horsepower.相关的主题文章:

Renewed jingqishen Chevrolet created a new cool real analytic car Sohu p8400

Renewed jingqishen Chevrolet created a new cool real analytic car Sohu [car] Sohu map agency within 12 days of the Guangzhou long wave spring festival, power train and S.H.E song brought back many 80 and 90 after the memories of youth, at the same time the new Chevrolet cool record to complete the first Chinese gorgeous show. Today, after 80 and has gradually become the main force of consumption, Chevrolet’s new cool as a small SUV for young people, in this debut also fully demonstrated its more dynamic new look. A cool appearance, new changes in the front part of the more obvious, the new Chevrolet family design for the first time in the use of SUV vehicles, net and headlights lines more sharp, Yan value increased a lot. The grille substantially narrowed, and connected with the headlights, grille to hexagonal design, collocation exquisite chrome trim, on the front face of the texture to improve significantly. This is our reality with models, one of the far and near light headlamp using lens, along a LED daytime running lights with lights, conform to the current trend. The new headlights compared to the current rigid shape does pretty much. On both sides of the front fog lights with layered, periphery with chrome trim, elegant style and also with a hint of sports atmosphere. A new cool side of the line does not change too much, slightly rising waistline is very dynamic, design is commonly used by small SUV surrounded by black under. The door handle chrome trim is very delicate, with models equipped with keyless entry, but is not the key type of traditional induction type, this design seems more texture. The new cool tail change is relatively small, mainly in the shape of the rear bumper. The real car is equipped with four single reversing radar probe and a reversing video camera. Although the shape of the taillights, although no obvious changes, but the internal light source to upgrade to the LED light source, better visual effect after lighting, which is now more mainstream configuration. Tyre, real models with double five 18 inch wheels and tires for Bridgestone power man tires, its size is 21555 R18. The interior, the new cool record also increased obviously, black and brown color collocation rich texture, console piano paint materials collocation chrome trim to enhance the sense of fashion, the whole atmosphere of many young. In the console to join a large area of soft materials and with sutures, so that the interior of the sense of luxury significantly improved, interior materials in terms of progress has been a lot of. Three style steering wheel with the old model is basically the same, the right side of the multi-function button is very convenient to use, including multimedia and cruise control functions. A new dashboard to replace the old section of the locomotive type instrument, although other simple but practical and improve a lot, driving computer display screen of 3.5 inches is set on the right, that is very rich in content, covering the tire pressure monitoring, navigation and many other content. The new cool equipped with a new generation of Chevrolet Mylink smart car interconnect system, using 7 inches color touch screen, the menu is very simple and easy to use,.相关的主题文章:

Alipay launched the circle large scale photo response will delete illegal content in Beijing viper12a

Alipay launched the "circle" large scale photo response will delete illegal content – Beijing network screenshot recently, pay on-line diary and white-collar diary Baoxin campus social circle, part of the large scale users to upload photos, netizens think photos or suspected vulgar, Alipay questioned suspected of speculation. Alipay said yesterday that the current circle in the test, for release containing pornography and other illegal acts of speech, Bush administrators have the right to delete the dynamic, do the gag account, or even pull black account. > > large scale events accused of vulgar pictures according to the reporter, diary and diary are white-collar campus last week, Alipay’s new line of two models with social attributes of the product, in addition to the new social circle as well as overseas purchasing etc.. The campus rules introduced diary on the evening of November 24th, the rules show that only female students can publish dynamic, other users can point praise and reward, and the only female college students and sesame credit score greater than or equal to 750 users can comment. A circle of white-collar rules issued late on November 25th, the same can be released only for dynamic display white-collar lady, said about the workplace experience and record the moments of life, and the only white collar ladies and sesame credit score greater than or equal to 750 users can comment. Circle dynamic display, remove some photos and photos from the outside, there is a girl to send a document directly to her boyfriend, and attached self. These photos can be seen below the point of praise, comments and the number of awards. In addition, there are some reward for scantily clad girls, chest and other private parts exposed to upload or make provocative posture of large scale photographs, some words with ambiguous words. Large scale users refer to these photos, or suspected of vulgar hype marketing of the suspects, some netizens commented "social change is not similar to the gun". There are netizens questioned, some girls in order to get a reward, deliberately released large scale photographs, playing pornographic edge ball. As of 10 pm, Alipay page, 6 million 700 thousand people have seen the school diary circle, 5 million 870 thousand people see the white-collar diary circle, and browse in the number of rapid growth. These circles released punishment rules show that the release containing obscene, pornographic, personal attacks and other illegal or infringing speech in the circle, or obvious advertising information and other illegal acts of speech, dynamic on abuses, including personal attacks, community administrators have the right to delete the dynamic, do the gag account, or even pull black account processing. > > response to Alipay said the illegal content will be deleted Alipay JINGWAH staff told the Times reporter, the circle is a try of Alipay and partners in the community on the start, is still in the gray test. The staff said that the circle is divided into open type and closed type two categories: the former can enter the search in Alipay, the latter must be invited to. Currently on the main line of fitness, games, finance, mother and baby, pets, digital and other types, the future will gradually expand the category. According to the staff, the reason to try to start a similar circle, because in China has not been a particularly suitable for social operation of the product form Army相关的主题文章:

Russian fighter plane is surrounded by the Swiss Putin explained on rare words – Sohu Military Chann ca1477

Russian fighter plane is surrounded by the Swiss Putin explained on rare words – Sohu Military Channel Xinhua news agency in Moscow in November 19, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaha Lo Va said on the 19, Russia in the day before waiting for the Swiss fighter to close near the Russian plane incident to explain, and will respond in a corresponding manner. Zaha Lo Va the same day in Russia 24 TV channel broadcast program, said the Swiss fighter plane is too close to the Russian plane, causing the plane passengers are particularly uneasy". Russia noted the media coverage of the incident. Russian plane flights in advance permission, the Russian Embassy in Switzerland to the Swiss side sent a note to the offing and asked the Swiss side to explain, Russia will respond in a corresponding way to Switzerland to explain. The Russian special flight team a Il – 96 – 300 plane 18, equipped with Russian President Putin and members of the delegation of the Moscow Kremlin reporter group went to Peru to attend the informal meeting of APEC leaders, on the way in Swiss airspace by a Swiss fighter aircraft has been tracking, Switzerland with flying to Switzerland and France border. According to the Russian satellite network reported that the Swiss aircraft to track the Russian aircraft, and close to the safe distance. One aircraft from the Russian aircraft are very close, can not only see the tail on the Flag of Switzerland, number of aircraft, pilots can even see the face. Aircraft from the left side of the aircraft near the Russian aircraft to make an action, and then close to the right.相关的主题文章:

[figure] for 1.5l1.5t power new golf in 11 released – Sohu car luonv

[map] for 1.5L 1.5T power in 11 issued a new golf car Sohu – Sohu [car   car]; before the foreign media exposure of a group of new Volkswagen Golf leaked map. The new car will be officially released in the United States Eastern time at 11:30 on November 10th (Beijing time November 11th), little adjustment in the exterior and interior details, but will dress up new 1.5L 1.5T gasoline and diesel engine 1.5T. Appearance, the new golf on the front only made minor modifications, headlight or full LED light source. In addition, the new car will use a new style Aluminum Alloy rim. The new golf tail changes are not obvious, according to different models or use a total of two pairs of left and right sides, a total of a total of two out of the exhaust layout. The interior, the new golf is expected to adopt the most popular new Virtual Cockpit (virtual cockpit assembly), 12.3 inch digital dashboard and multimedia display, and is expected to be a new generation of information into public entertainment system. Adaptive cruise, Lane Assist, automatic parking and other configurations are likely to appear on the new golf. Power, the new golf will be equipped with the latest 1.5L 1.5T 1.5T gasoline and diesel engine, to replace the current model using 1.4TSI gasoline and diesel engine 1.6TDI. Specific dynamic parameters of the official did not disclose, Sohu cars will be announced tomorrow. (Editor: Zhang Shaotong)相关的主题文章: